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Trailer for The Land Between

This three-part documentary series explores the The Land Between, the incredibly diverse the transition zone between the Canadian Shield and the St. Lawrence Lowlands in southern Ontario. It is home to a host of overlapping species from the north and the south, which has encouraged sharing between First Nations cultures for thousands of years. But European settlers couldn’t figure out what to do with this diverse patchwork of rock barrens, rivers, lakes and marshlands. It was not until the Victorian fascination with “wilderness” that The Land Between found a place in the collective psyche of Canadians – when people gave parts of it names like “Muskoka” and “The Kawarthas.” And it’s only recently that recreational use and urban resource needs have placed this biologically diverse region under threat.

Narrated by R.H. Thomson, this series was first broadcast on TVO in 2012. It won the Canadian Archeological Association’s Public Communications Award in 2013.

The Land Between Clips

Some of our favourite moments from The Land Between

“Series Introduction”

“A Dancing Ribbon”

“Liminal Space”