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Trailer for A Desert Between Us & Them

A Desert Between Us & Them is a three-part series that explores the devastating impact that the War of 1812 had upon the people of southwestern Ontario. Some died in combat, but many more had their homes destroyed, their livelihoods ruined or their crops stolen. Thousands became refugees, clinging for survival to the British Army. Some chose to aid the Americans, and died for their disloyalty at the hands of the British. Others became insurgents, fighting the American occupiers long after the British army abandoned them. By the time peace finally came in 1815, almost everyone was impacted in some way by the conflict – and many had their lives forever altered.

Narrated by R.H. Thomson, this series was first broadcast on TVO in the fall of 2013. It earned an Honourable Mention for the Governor General’s History Award for Community Programming in 2013.

A Desert Between Us & Them Clips

Some of our favourite moments from A Desert Between Us & Them

“Series Introduction”

“The Retreat”

“The Battle of the Thames”


“McArthur’s Raid”

“Burning of Dover Mills”